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Travel Elements > Long Wrap Lightweight Scarf (Color Choice Options)
Long Wrap Lightweight  Scarf (Color Choice Options)
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IVL Scarves.jpgLong Wrap Scarf 

*Two scarves wrapped, shown in photo

Lightweight Material :30% chiffon + 70% synthetic silk.

Size : Length: 63-65 inches ;width: 11-13.77 inches .

ivl scarves white breeze.jpg WB – White Breeze

IVL Scarves jet black.jpg JB – Jet Black

IVL Scarves Slate.jpg SG – Slate Grey

ivl Lipstick Red.jpg LR – Lipstick Red

ivl scarves Amethyst.jpg AP – Amethyst Purple

IVL Scarves Garden Green.jpg LG – Lime Green

IVL Scarves Tucson Turquoise.jpg TT – Tucson Turquoise

IVL Scarves Peony Pink.jpg PP – Peony pink

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